Light Your Day


Light Your Day

Here is a refreshing new way to start your day with an attitude that will poise you for success in every area.

Light Your Day is a quick daily dose of inspiration, wisdom, and beauty to help keep you focused on success, in every aspect of life, from the inside out.

What Subscribers are saying about Light Your Day:

“Light Your Day is a beautiful way to center my day. It keeps me mindful of how much I have to be grateful for. It’s uncanny how often it addresses things I’m dealing with at the time ”-Judy A. Boise, Id.

“I count on Light Your Day to help me start my day on a positive note before I go out and deal with grouchy people. The daily emails just make me feel happy.”-Leesa J Marin, Ca.

“Light Your Day is a fun and whimsical way to connect with the Divine every day and each one is just beautiful to see. I look forward to getting them in my inbox everyday.”-Debbie B. Chico, Ca.

“I love getting my Light each day in my inbox. Check it out for FREE the first 14 days, if you are like me you will be hooked.”-Patricia, Boise, ID.

A brief history of Light Your Day

Every one of us, down to our very cells are energetic beings and we vibrate with this energy. The level of vibration we are at is a direct consequence of our beliefs and patterns. Love is the highest vibration we can achieve and this is where Light Your Day comes from…Love.

On a recent visit with family member I came to realize that the energy that surrounded them everyday was extremely heavy and had been for a very long time. I found myself wondering how they could even get out of bed surrounded by such heaviness and I was looking for a way to help them. I was already sending people light whenever I would hear of circumstances where I knew they would need some extra help and support.

I decided to start sending this family member loving, uplifting and encouraging light energy in a format that would help them visualize it each day, a text. I added some very small things that I was grateful for in order to help them focus on more of what was good in their life instead of what wasn’t working for them, and I encouraged them to focus on how they might help someone else each day to break the cycle of limited thinking.

Almost immediately things began to shift and the energy surrounding them became lighter and the difficult circumstances began to improve. It was really amazing to see!

During this same time I had a friend who was falling into a deep depression. I began sending her light daily by text as well, and shortly she began to improve. That was the birth of Light Your Day.

I came to understand that being a conduit for this light was a gift that I had the privilege to be able to share with those who might benefit from it.

Light Your Day comes from the Divine, Source, God, your higher power, whatever your call them… it’s LOVE. Loves is where it originated, and Love is what it promotes. Love, that wants only for you to realize all you were meant to be in this lifetime. In this love there is great Power, Peace, Joy, and Creativity to be lived. Embrace the gift that Light Your Day is and let it help you soar.
And now, I am offering this new transformational experience to you absolutely FREE for 14 days.
If you struggle with feelings of doubt, fear, unworthiness or heavy energy at times, Light Your Day could be exactly the tool you’ve been waiting for to help you soar to your fullest potential.
Honestly, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To Start receiving the Light every day, use the subscribe button below.

  • For less than the price of one Latte a week you can receive light inspiration daily that will encourage, guide, and support you on your journey.
  • Choose whether you’d like to receive it by email or text.
  • Remember, You will not be billed until the 14 day trial is over and if you feel it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time through Pay Pal (you don’t need to have a Pay Pal account to do this)

Subscribe here for successful Light filled days ahead.

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